Divorce Without Court: A Four-Step Process

Assessment is handled in a conjoint session. Partners complete a questionnaire either before the meeting or together with their attorney. The forms we use closely match Washington Superior Court’s mandatory Family Law forms that will be filed in court. However, we’ve added illustrations and other features to make the forms more understandable and easy to fill out.


Partners decide on their personal goals for the process and establish the frequency and duration of sessions. The attorney can complete the paperwork without the partners. Or, to save fees, the partners can complete some paperwork on their own for the attorney to file later.  Partners who want more support can seek the help of professionals trained to strengthen their co-parenting relationship. Couples learn through the process to replace the cycle of accuse-and-defend with a focus on results.



Stay Out of Court

Our goal as collaborative mediators and lawyers is to disarm conflicting verbal communication in order to increase respect and safety for both partners, and to remove barriers to a fair settlement using an out-of-court process.


Once you’ve finished your goals, we draft your paperwork into the document sets that will be filed with the court. You can sign the paperwork wherever you’re comfortable. Some people sign their divorce petition or other family law matter in our office. Others take it home. Some sign together. Others sign separately and send us their documents so we can handle it for them. It’s up to you. Once we have the finished documents, then we will go to court for you and make sure it’s filed properly. You never have to go to court.